mole infestation

4 Signs of a Mole Infestation in Your Backyard or Garden

Did you know that moles are found all over the world, despite being known as garden pests? The American species of moles are on the larger side, so they can
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mole pest control

Homeowner’s Hand Guide to Mole Pest Control in a Pinch

Are you starting to see molehills or dead grass on your lawn? If so, it’s time to start thinking about how to reclaim your yard from moles. As cute as
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moles vs voles

Moles vs Voles: How Are They Different?

Moles vs voles! It’s a battle between two pesky critters that can make their homes in your backyard. Moles and voles have similar names, and their behaviors sometimes match up
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what do ground moles eat

What Do Ground Moles Eat?

We may not see them every day, but there are a whole lot of ground moles burrowing away underground. These are hungry critters, sometimes eating over half their body weight each
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