Ground mole trapping

Ground Mole Trapping: How To Build a Ground Mole Trap

Did you know that ground moles can eat nearly their entire body weight worth of earthworms in a single day?  Despite them being such fascinating creatures, ground moles can wreak havoc
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Animal removal

Animal Removal: Animal Control Myths That You Should Know

Animal attacks are a major fear among humans, mostly due to movies, games, and various stories that depict animals as vicious, mindless, killing machines with no real reason for their
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Ineffective DIY Mole Removal

Why DIY Mole Removal Doesn’t Work

The internet has many how-to articles for DIY solutions to common problems. You can find thousands of tips, tricks, and strategies that promise quick solutions without involving the experts. Some
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signs of chipmunk damage

Signs of Chipmunk Damage

If you live anywhere in the Eastern half of the United States, you’ve seen chipmunks around. The tiny, striped critters belong to the squirrel family, and although they may be
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