types of moles

The Different Types of Moles Found in the United States

Picture this.  You walk out to your yard in the morning, a cup of coffee in hand. You just mowed the grass yesterday so you’re expecting a pristine expanse of
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mole removal

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mole Removal for Keeping the Pests Out of Your Yard for Good

Moles are common pests that exist on every continent. The little buggers love to dig tunnels underground, wreaking major havoc on your yard and landscaping. In North America, moles can
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trap a mole

How to Trap a Mole That Is Causing Trouble in Your Yard

Moles can dig up to six inches into the soil, leaving piles of dirt mounds above the ground. These creatures are carnivorous and feed on earthworms as 80% of their
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signs of moles

5 Warning Signs of Moles in Dayton, Ohio

Are you tired of seeing clumps of dirt appear in your front yard every day? Do you hate seeing your beloved grass die due to the activity of yard moles? 
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