mole pest control

Are you starting to see molehills or dead grass on your lawn? If so, it’s time to start thinking about how to reclaim your yard from moles.

As cute as they may look, moles can do severe damage to your property. On top of making your lawn look unseemly, moles disrupt your root systems. In the long run, this may destroy your plants, grass, and trees.

The good news: there are plenty of ways to get rid of moles in your yard quickly. Here are three common mole pest control methods you can try.

Create an Unpleasant Environment

The most humane way to get rid of moles is to make your yard inhospitable to them. Moles are not fans of uncomfortable environments.

One way to help them decide to leave is to remove their food sources. Moles love grubs, which you can kill with milky spores or beneficial nematodes. For a faster solution, you can use insecticide instead.

You can also invest in a sonic spike. Once you insert it into the ground, the spike will emit electronic pulses that will constantly annoy moles. No worries, though: you won’t be able to hear any irritating sounds!

Another thing you can try is to create an artificial drought. Both moles and grubs enjoy damp soil, so keeping your lawn on the dry side will help a lot. An inch of water per week should be enough for most lawns.

Set up Mole Traps

If you’re dealing with a mole invasion, you may need a more reliable way to get rid of them. You can do that by setting up kill traps.

These traps come in several styles, such as choker traps, scissors traps, and harpoon traps. That said, they’re all designed specifically for killing moles. When used properly, they’ll be your best mole prevention method.

Most traps work best when they’re placed in or near active runways. You can find these runways by poking holes into the soil near the tunnels. If the hole isn’t there within two days, you’ve likely found a prime runway.

If you find the idea of killing moles unpleasant, you can try using live traps. That said, these traps are smaller and harder to use. You’ll also have to release the mole later, which some states prohibit.

Use Poison Baits

The fastest way of getting rid of backyard moles is to use poison baits. In general, though, you should only use poison as a last resort.

Poison baits often look like grubs and earthworms. If a mole eats one, it will likely die within 24 hours after ingestion. Their bodies will usually stay underground, saving you the trouble of disposing of them.

As effective as they are, poison baits include toxic chemicals that can harm the environment. For example, if a mole dies above the ground, it can present a risk of secondary poisoning for other animals.

Mole Pest Control Made Easy

As far as mole pest control goes, prevention is still the best cure. If you keep the grubs under control and don’t over-water your lawn, moles won’t bother you. If it’s too late for that, focus on the methods described above.

Of course, you can also have professionals deal with your mole problem! Contact us here to learn more about our mole control services.

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