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If you ever need help getting rid of a raccoon problem, you won’t have to look very far. 

Pest control is a $26 billion industry. Many people will handle small bug infestations on their own unless they’ve completely gotten out of hand. But when you have a raccoon problem, you can never gamble with going the DIY removal route. 

The tips below will explain the importance of raccoon removal service and why you shouldn’t handle it on your own. 

Raccoon Removal Can Get Dangerous

Hiring an animal control or wildlife removal professional is essential because raccoon removal can be downright dangerous. 

Are raccoons aggressive? In general, they’re gentle creatures who are more afraid of you than you are of them. However, raccoons have sharp teeth and claws and can become aggressive when protecting their young, or just in general, like most wild animals. 

If the raccoon becomes afraid or defensive when you try to remove it yourself, aggression and an attack can come next. Raccoons also carry rabies more than other animals, which can make them aggressive and more likely to come up to you, rather than keep their distance. 

It’s better to call a professional rather than risk injury. 

Raccoons Carry Disease

Raccoons also carry disease and can make you ill if you’re bitten or have too much close contact with them. Not only do they spread disease in general, but they often dumpster dive and spend a lot of time in garbage and filth. 

They can spread harmful bacteria to you and others in your household. 

Pros Have the Knowledge and Tools

It’s also best to hire a pest control expert because they have the knowledge and skill that you don’t. They understand the nature of raccoons and other animals and are trained to skillfully remove them with the least amount of trouble. 

Today, wildlife removal pros are skilled at trapping animals rather than killing them, so you’ll be glad to see that the work was humane. They have tools that can help them remove animals stuck in high and awkward places. These pros can also lure out raccoons that are hiding or resisting removal. 

Hiring a Pro Is Less Stressful

Getting the nerve to remove a wild animal from your home can be quite the stressful ordeal. You’re likely going to spend most of the time afraid to do it and even dreading the removal, fearing the worst. 

Instead, you can just get in touch with a wildlife removal professional that can take care of the project for you without an issue. It’ll be money well spent for the stress relief alone. Their skill sets are versatile since many also provide ground mole removal and other services. 

Find the Raccoon Removal Service That You Need

The tips above explain why getting the help of a raccoon removal pros is a necessity whenever you’re dealing with these wild rodents. You’re taking on lots of risk doing it yourself, and don’t have the skills or experience to handle the project as well as a pro can. 

For that reason, use this guide to push you toward finding the right professionals for the job. 

Trap Your Moles can help you with any project, whether you need to get rid of a raccoon or learn how to get rid of ground moles. Take the time to contact us online or give us a call at (513)518-5639.

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    I’ve been told by the caretaker of my vacation house that a raccoon was spotted in my attic, so I want to get it removed immediately. I’m glad you told us that it’s better to leave the wildlife removal to a professional if we want the task to be less stressful since they have the skill sets needed for the job. I’ll be sure to get in touch with a reliable animal control service to handle the issue for me as soon as possible.

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